Friday, August 20, 2010

Comp One (First Slap Jaxx Compilation)

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Harvey McKay
Various - Comp One (Rob Threezy - Talco)
time manipulator is cool stalker head is diffferent but cool talco is ace

Dan Curtain
Various - Comp One (Revelation Of Noise - Parameter)
Greg Grajek-Horn, yes Revelation of Noise, yes Angel Alanis-Do You like the way, A Paul mix, yes Rob Threezy, Talco, yes

Toni Rios
Various - Comp One (Angel Alanis - Bender)
only on track.

Aaron Carl
That "No Dum" track by Wyndell Long = HOT... This is a track that's begging to be WORKED..

Gus Brown
Thanks for the tracks, the A Paul remix of Angel Alanis is my pick

Erick Woodiwiss
Good collection of tracks, will definitely play RON's "Parameter" and the Punisher mix of "Resolutions".

James Grindle
Great stuff from Alanis' camp as usual with lots of different moods represented.

Black Nation Recs
Both the revolution of noise and the Grencross mixes are good driver

Dj Ken Web
Various - Comp One (Steve Lorenz - knifing)
Tuff deep hard beats for the techno heads...

Rob Threezy
huge tunes. deep techno

Stanny Franssen

Nice compilation. The tracks from Angel doing the job for me. Like the remix from A. Paul also!

Richie Hawtin
Various - Comp One (Intro - Angel Alanis - ME)

Aaron Austin
Other solid tracks: Mckay - Tribal Lorenz - Knifing Alanis - Stalker

Very Very great Compi! Realy good producer! „Do you Like The Way“ and „Talco“ are my favorites! Greez from Germany Ronny Dargies aka TONmotiv aka schwarzlicht

Merlyn Martin
Treats for everyone! :)

Greg Grajek
Various - Comp One (Rebecca Ciaglia - Hermit)

Lady Foursquare
It was hard to pick between the Intro and Rob's contribution. Also really excited to see Wyndell Long on here. Great stuff!

Noah Pred
Crazy array of tunes on display! Thanks for sending...

Thx for the Promo, very nice release, love all of them

Patrick Lindsey
greg grajeks track is ace

Alex Pi
Big fan of Angel Alanis

Windell Long
Nice selection of trax. Stripped down raw techno without all that fill junk. Great collection!

Tim Baker
Various - Comp One (Intro - Angel Alanis - ME) for me

Someone Else
my favorites are Bender and Knifing and Resolutions.

Bill Pettinelli
Wicked compilation here with a ton of playable tunes to choose from. Angel Alanis gets the shout for "Me" and "Bender" and my picks with Stev Lorenz runner up. Massive ish here.

Chuck Flask (Paxahau)
Various - Comp One (TONmotiv - Stalkerhead)
Great trax! cant wait to play them..

Various - Comp One (Intro - Angel Alanis - ME)

Rolf Mulder
Various - Comp One (Rebecca Ciaglia - Hermit)
Nice to see some

Amos Nava
Various - Comp One (Intro - Angel Alanis - ME)

Sasha Carassi
Various - Comp One (Harvey Mckay - Tribal)
Great package!Thanks!

most of the tracks cool, the rest superb! like the intro, like the tracks of angel and my fav is greencross. will play most of the tracks tonite... thanx!!!

Kristian K
The Tonmotiv tune and Alanis - Stalker for me :) I'll play it out as well.. btw its a great release again!

Tyler Studios
Various - Comp One (Intro - Angel Alanis - ME)
Not so much what I play, but dig the intro track.

Ken Christensen
I like two of these, Greencross and Revelation Of Noise.

Adam Jay
Various - Comp One (Resolutions "Punisher Remix")
Last 5 tunes on the comp are my faves. Hard to pick one.

Steve Parker
Various - Comp One (Resolutions "Punisher Remix")
Great Various with music for all tastes but to me my favorite is Punisher remix and TONmotiv's track! thx

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