Monday, February 14, 2011

Armando - Downfall Remixes slapx010

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Label: Slap Jaxx Music

Title: Downfall Remixes


Remixers: The Advent / Jason Fernandes / Hugo Paixo

CAT: slapx010

Release Date: FEB 14th

Type: Digital Beatport Exclusive (life) 12” Colored Vinyl (prime



Alex Flatner It's such great to see a Release from Armando again. The Remixes are really made nice, especially the

Hugo Paixao Remix is the one for me...will def. support this one !! Big Respect to the Label !!

Oliver Bondzio - Great thanks!!

Nihil frequenzarec - the advent remix is great!

Sasha Carassi - Great Package!Support!

Donald Glaude - SICK RELEASE

Joey Beltram - The Advent Pay Your Respect Remix for me!

Mark Broom - Timeless classic given the Advent touch..:)

Tiga - i always loved armando, and i always loved advent.... so thanks! can add this to their classic redo of 'no way

back'.... thanks

BCR Boys - all mixes are ace thanks

Bryan Zentz - YES. one of my fave acid trax of all time... so this is a nice treat. Advent remix for me

Dave Clarke - The Advent have done this track complete justice, no cheese just respectful updating, been playing this

for months already

Spark Taberner - The Advent's remix is doing it for me, full support!

Steve Parker - CLASSIC !

Submerge 101 - Great Package. Been rocking this for months. Great release Angel.

Oscar Ovum - Great release!! Thanks

Damon Wild - great release! Full support. Love all the mixes.

Perc - Advent mix is the best I've heard from Cisco for a long time. Thanks.

Audio Injection - diggin advents remix!

Xenia - Puh, hallejujah. I was already kinda depressed listening to my promos:)Desperate housevibes everywhere!

Thank you for making my day!

Additional Support From:

Carl Cox, Dubfire, Bill Pettinelli, Deep Child, Acid Jacks, Angel Alanis, Bas Mooy, Coyu, Delko, DJ Becka, DJ Devious, E.

Romero, Eric Woodiwiss, George Lanham (radio), Greencross, James Grindle, James Hurricane, Jeff Only, Jim Lamb

(radio), Kazuumi Ishii, L Aguilera, Larix, Mattias Fridell, Max deep sound music , Merlyn Martin, Noah Pred, Paul Langley,

R-Play, Rapha Excess, Roman Zawodny, Ryuji Takeuchi, Sean Prosthetic, Spiros Kaloumenos, Wyndell Long, Alex

Gopher, Dan Curtin, Figueroa, Kahua, Luciano, Stanny Franssen, Toni Rios, Zeil100, A.PAUL, Acid Jacks, Adam Jay, ben

Long, Benno Blome, Black Nation, Bleed De, Bobby Dowell, Chris Lamb, Dj Hell, Dj Huggie, Greg Grajek , Gus Brown,

Harvey Mckay, Inert, Joe Mckechnie, Khristian K, Paul Langley, Pierre Deutschmann, Anton Banks, Technasia, Timo Garcia

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  1. i can fully attest that the advent remix is devastating on a large soundsystem. total props.