Friday, February 3, 2012

Justin Berkovi - With Kyle Geiger Remix OUT NOW

Justin Berkovi featuring Kyle Geiger Remix
The Bell Tolls EP
Support By:
Bleed De, Aaron G, Alex Bau, Alex Boshke Beats, Angel Alanis, Andres Gil, Anton Banks, Arnd Drumcomplex, Audio Injection, Bas Mooy, Black Nation, Bobby Dowell, Body Scrub, Chris Lamb, Chuck Flask, Clare Large - Intelligent Audio, Colin Bain of BCR Boys, Cristian Varela, Damon Wild, Dave Clarke (White Noise), DJ Becka, DJ Krezlin, Dj Qbot (chicago), Dj Shiva, E. Romero, Elton D, Eric Woodiwiss, Erphun, Fabrice Lig, Gennaro LeFosse, George Lanham (radio), Greencross, Greg Grajek , Hi-Shock, ITzone, JAK, James Grindle, James Hurricane, Jeff Keenan, Joe Mckechnie, Johan Afterglow, Justin_Berkovi , Kazuumi Ishii, Khristian K, Larix, Loco & Jam, Mattias Fridell, Morgan Tomas, Mr. Jones, Noah Pred, Paco Osuna, Patrick DSP, pierre deutschmann, R-Play, Rees Urban, Rob Threezy, Rolf Mulder, Roman Zawodny, Ryuji Takeuchi, Sean Prosthetic, Seth Nichols, Shin Nishimura, Slam, Slant Records , Spark Taberner, Spiros Kaloumenos, Steve Parker, Submerge, Takashi Elektrax, Taster Peter, Taylor Norris, Tim Baker 1, Tim Xavier, Tom Hades, Trust The Machine, Val, Wyndell Long, Xenia Beliayeva,Speedy J, T1000...

Some Excerpts from feedback sheet:
Alex Bau
"supersolid and nice ep! like all tracks, no fillers, just killers!"
Arnd Drumcomplex
"That a really rockin EP...can´t choose which one is the best...will play all of them"
Audio Injection
"great release guys, will play thanks!"
Bas Mooy
"Black Rain! Very nice! :)"
Body Scrub
"Amazing release....Kyle Geiger remix is a bomb!!!"
Chris Lamb
"The Bell tolls is the ticket here - lovely track :)"
Colin Bain of BCR Boys
"hello thx for the ep i like the bell tolls :) colin."
Cristian Varela
"Kyle Geiger´s rmx"
Dave Clarke (White Noise)
"very cool"
Damon Wild
"Nice the remixes and original. Will support."
Fabrice Lig
"Love specially "The Bells Tolls" & 'Black rain', two deep & dark tracks ! Excellent."
"The Kyle Geiger remixes are cool! Will try those out. Tnx"
"Will test 002. This EP needed Angel Alanis remix !"
Loco & Jam
"The Bell Tolls is BIG!!!! Can't wait to play"
Mattias Fridell
"Fat. The Bell Tolls & Black Rain rocks, very cool stuff. Full support!"
Mr. Jones
"nice one thanks,.!"
Paco Osuna
"downloaded thank you :)"
Noah Pred
"Berkovi all day!!! Great release."
pierre deutschmann
"geigers dub .. ty"
"Cool, like Kyle's dub rework, will play for sure ;)"
"cool EP - thanx"
Spark Taberner
"Kyle Geiger remix!"
Steve Parker
"Hi Alanis, I Like the bell, thanks"
Tim Xavier
"Original and refreshing tracks from one of the greats!! respect to Geigers remixes....scheisse egal!"
Tom Hades
"The Bell Tolls is a really nice rolling production artwork ! thanks ! :)"
 Rolf Mulder
"Already have been playing "The Bell Tolls" - very interesting track. Again, Slap Jaxx will be hitting The Public Stand... thnx Angel."


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