Thursday, September 15, 2011

Featured Techno ASIO (aka R-play) GRID (feedback & info inside)

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Supported by:
Alberto Pascual, Alex Flatner, Andres Gil, Arnd Drumcomplex, Audio Injection, Bas Mooy, Body Scrub, BRC Boys, Cisco Arias, Cristian Varela, DJ Becka, DJ Krezlin, Dj Qbot (chicago), Donald Glaude, Donk Boys, E. Romero, Erphun, Greencross, Gus Brown, Henry Cullen / D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Hi-Shock, JAK, James Hurricane, Jeff Keenan, Joe Mckechnie, Johan Afterglow, Kazuumi Ishii, Khristian K, KOMPUTE, L Aguilera, Lance Blaise, Larix, Marcos (Rayaline), Mateo Murphy, Mattias Fridell, Merlyn Martin, Nihad Tule, Paco Osuna, Patrick DSP, R-Play, Rees Urban, Rob Threezy, Rolf Mulder, Roman Gertz, Roman Zawodny, Ryuji Takeuchi, Sasha Carassi (Phobiq), Slam, Spark Taberner, Steve Parker, Subfractal, Takashi Elektrax, Taster Peter, Tim Baker 1, Tom Hades, Wendy Bailey, Xenia Beliayeva

Some excerpts from feedback report!

Ryuji Takeuchi "cool ep. mattias fridell remix and angel alanis remix are the ones. support."

Dj Shiva  "Absolutely fantastic EP. The originals are really nice, and all of the remixes are unique and interesting. Let's just say I VERY rarely give anything above 3 star ratings. "

Xpansul "Nice pack! Thanks a lot!"

Mark Morris "rebecca ciaglia mix is the best"

88uw "great tracks!"

Concrete Djz "Thanks for the promo! Serious stuff here..will be played."

A.paul "Thanks ! Angel Alanis mix for me."

Colin Bain BCR BOYS "thx support colin bain"

NOAH PRED "->·|·<- Keenan mix!!"

Donk Boys "will try the rebecca remix as a tool, sounds cool for that!"

Sasha Carassi "A lot of good grooves,support!"

Roman Gertz "Rebecca Ciaglia and Angel Alanis remixes for me!"

Subfractal "very cool originals here! some nice touches on the remixes as well! support! fahad"

Rolf Mulder (public stand) "Mattias Fridell mix, keeps me in the zone. Jeff Keenan's remix, also really good, scary stuff going on in the back."

Audio Injection "good stuff! mattias remix is my choice!"

HI-Shock "Nice 1 Manu! Loving Evolv :)"

Ephrun "Evolv is sick!! Will play it."

Paco Osuna "downloaded thank you :) will try it !!!"

Tom Hades "Evolv original for me ! :)"

Spark Taberner "I pretty much like everything from ASIO aka R-Play, so as this tracks. Also the remixes are really cool!"

Steve Parker "Originals are way cool, Loving Alanis remix and Jeff is cool also kind of trippy ! other mixes are great work also, Solid release !"

Slam "strong release - playing thanx"

Bass Mooy "Nice package of tunes! Really like the Fridell, Alanis and Ciaglia remixes!"


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