Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ITZONE - Sal Si Puedes EP out NOW!!

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Audio Injection: alanis mix is my fav, will play this thanks!
BCR Boys: lots of good remixes and and a nice original thanks colin bain (bcr)
Ryuji Takeuchi: great funky package. tim baker remix and angel alanis remix are the one. support.  
Danilo Vigorito: cool tracks..thx
Tim Xavier: wow some really great tunes here! Highlight on Baker, Alanis, Aguilera remixes!!
Quivver: crazy tune.. love the original mix - original is the word.. a unique track!!!
Noah Pred: Tim Baker = classic!
Body Scrub: Nice Dark groove....angel alanis remix for me!
Subfractal: nice release here! deep and techy! will try these out. fahad
Christian Valera: nice one!
Slam: will tryout thanx
Tony Rohr: Funky techno stuff from Itzone w/ the ASIO remix here. Liking!
 Steve Parker: Hard to choose, nice package !
Chris Jennings: Great Stuff
88UW: like the originals most
Damon Wild: Nice Angel's mix the best
 Spark Taberner: Asio and Alanis remix. i thank you!
A Brothers: "sal si puedes original and ascio for us! thanks!!"
Woody Mcbride:  "awesome"
Xpansul: "Nice originals and Asio remix! Thx!"
Concrete Djs: "Amarillo" for us, nice package overall. Thanks!"

All the supporters!
Bleed De, Andres Gil, Anton Banks, Arnd Drumcomplex, Audio Injection, Billy Johnston, Black Nation, Bobby Dowell, Body Scrub, Chris Aldrich, Cisco Arias, Colin Bain of BCR Boys, Cristian Varela, Danilo Vigorito, Danny Tenaglia, DJ Krezlin, Dj Qbot (chicago), Dj The Fox, E. Romero, Electric Rescue, James Grindle, James Hurricane, Joe Mckechnie, Kazuumi Ishii, Larix, Lori J Ward, Marcos (Rayaline), max deep sound music , Merlyn Martin, Noah Pred, Pig & Dan, Quivver, Rebecca Ciaglia, Rob Threezy, Rolf Mulder, Ryuji Takeuchi, Shin Nishimura, Slam, Steve Parker, Subfractal, Takashi Elektrax, Taylor Norris, Tim Xavier, Tony Rohr, Val 

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