Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mr. Jones - Machine Civilization

Hello there. Here is the next Slap Jaxx with Mr. Jones. You can Find him on Labels like The Public Stand Gobsmacked, Battered Records & CLR with Dave Clarke as "Unsubscribe" Remixes by: Angel Alanis / Tony Montana / Ryuji Takeuchi If you are going to pirate this please add these links you fuck holes!


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 Support from: 
Bleed De, Alex Boshke Beats, Andres Gil, Arnd Drumcomplex, Audio Injection, Black Nation, Body Scrub, Chris Liebing, Cisco Arias, Dandi & Ugo, DJ Krezlin, George Lanham (radio), Greencross, Gus Brown, ITzone, James Hurricane, Jeff Keenan, Jim Lamb (radio), Joe Mckechnie, Johan Afterglow, Kazuumi Ishii, Khristian K, Lance Blaise, Larix, Marcos (Rayaline), R-Play, Rees Urban, Roman Zawodny, Ryuji Takeuchi, Seismal D, Shin Nishimura, Slant Records , Terry Mullan, Tim Baker 1, Trust The Machine, Val, Wyndell Long, Xenia Beliayeva
Deh-noizer: Takeuchi Rmx for me
Mr. Jones: the whole package is cool,. good one,.! specially the remixes good work guys,.!
Abi Bah: This shit is hot!
Sasha Carassi: Very good,will support!
Mattias Fridell: Pretty cool tracks all of them. Angel\'s remix is the wildest one though!
Concrete Djz: Full support, this will be cained out!
Chris Jennings: Nice.
Thomas Pardo: Takeuchi rmx for me!Thx
Vegim: Great Ep. Street Nap (original) for me. Thanx.
Fusky: Great release.Hard to pick a fav.
Michael Schwarz: Nice releases... Angel Alanis and Ryuji Takeuchi Remix for me... 8)
A-brothers: great ep!! Morgan Tomas: Downloading tx
Robert Grand: Great Release! THX!
Thanatos: Tony Montana, Angel Alanis, Street Snap B . O . M . B    will play and chart!
Electrorites: Great!will play for sure!Thx Logotech: Support!
Diarmaid O Meara: Hard to pick a favorite, gonna have to say Street Snap.. Or else the RT remix. Nice nice release!
Spark Taberner : Awesome tracks, wll play for sure Tony Montana\'s remix!
Tony Montana: great releas, all great tracks...Angel\'s mix\' stands out best for me, will play out for sure
Axel Karakasis: great release!! support
Dave The Drummer: Mr Montana does a great job here A.paul: cool stuff. thanks
Subfractal: Nice tracks! Daniel L.: really nice ep!!! Thanks
Patrick Dsp: Slap Jaxx!!!
Monky007: Quality ep, great remixes rally digging Street Snap, its a dope choon :)
Chris Liebing - Mr. Jones - Street Snap (Original Mix)
Black Nation - the original mix trax are choice. great proper techno. will be jacked.
Seismal - Only Tony Montana rmx for me!! thanks
R-play - nice dark Vibe, Angel Alanis' Remix is Dark but with Groovy Drum that's me favorite Mix
Audio Injection - i'm really digging civilization original and ryuji remix, thanks!

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